do_action( 'astra_related_posts_title_before' )

WP_Query posts loop.


Used $post_counter & ( $post_counter < $total_posts_count ) condition to manage posts in while loop because there is case where manual ‘post__not_in’ condition handling scenario fails within loop.

CASE EXAMPLE – If total posts set to 4 (where ‘post__not_in’ not used in WP_Query) so there is a chance that out of those 4 posts, 1 post will be currently active on frontend.

So what will happen in this case – Within following loop the current post will exclude by if condition & only 3 posts will be shown up.

To avoid such cases $post_counter & ( $post_counter < $total_posts_count ) condition used.


File: inc/modules/related-posts/class-astra-related-posts-markup.php

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Version Description
3.5.0 Introduced.

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